The Duo Pace Poli Cappelli idea has been to combine different teaching experiences and personal training in a single project. The course programs have been drawn up taking into account the overall needs for the training of the musician, and not just on the technical-instrumental. The student will be accompanied in his formative musical and will be compared with the various aspects of the musician’s artistic, from the concert recording, promoting the creation of artistic transcriptions and arrangements for guitar. 

The courses include individual instrumenta lessons  and collective workshops.








The Basic Course includes an instrument class and the participation in two workshops, for a total of three meetings a week. The instrument classes are individual while the workshops are collective, divided by level and they consist in a musical theory workshop (reading and perception, elements of harmony, musical analysis, computer course, history of music) and in a practical workshop with chamber music. The programs of the Basic Course have been organized according to the preparation for admission to the three year course of First Level at State Conservatories and aim to create a balance between the instrument classes and the workshops so that the studies and formation can be carried out on the same level.

For every academic year, according to the specific year course, the student is required to do two exams (one as a simple test and the other as step to the following level) to check the level.


• Reading and Perception

• Fundamentals notions about Harmony

• Computer course

• Musical analysis and performance of the composition

• History of Music


The target of these activities is to provide opportunities for the verification of the studies, the analysis of the difficulties during the performances and in particular the creation of a personal musical expression. For this reason, instead of carrying out a single show at the end of the academic year, there are many concerts and performances to enable the execution of more genres of repertois (solist,chamber music, guitar orchestra). Collaboration with the local cultural associations provides many opportunities for students ranging from a simple performance to a recital in a concert hall.



The Advanced Course is intended for students who have already achieved the targets set in the basic course and are pursuing their studies towards a specialization of the instrument. The curriculum is planned with the student at the beginning of the year and during the studies the interpretation skills of the guitarist are highlighted and perfected, concentrating on a deeper study of the repertoire presented.

During the course activities are proposed with the aim to improve the perception of one’s way of playing (for example by recording tracks in the studio) and to enhance the performance of the student (through the creation of promotional videos). Periodic assessments consist of solo recitals, chamber music concerts with other students of the advanced courses, preparation for contests, etc..

The aim of this course is to perfect the students’ skills and to gradually introduce them to a cultural and work environment.



The annual National Course of Musical Interpretation has now reached its seventh edition. The course consists of a week of intensive study during the summer in the beautiful estate of Colle Ionci in Velletri.

During the day the following activities are organized : Individual lessons, afternoon seminars on music analysis , guided listening, lessons of instrumental technique, participation of external guest lecturers, chamber music workshops and evening concerts. The course ends with a concert of the best students and teachers.



Another activity of the Duo is related to the creation of the Classical Guitar Website of the Castelli Romani. Founded as a gathering point of the activities and the initiatives in the area of the Castelli Romani, the Website has quickly became a tool for the diffusion of classical music for guitarists of a high level , bringing together interviews with guitarists of international fame ,educational videos, blogs, opportunities to present best students, etc..

The Website also includes acoustic testing of instruments handmade by local lutists and reviews on concerts and musical events. 

Guitar lessons of are also available via Skype.